If you are reading these lines, it means that the idea of purchasing one of our bikes crossed your mind, at least for a short while.

You will surely be thrilled and this is already an important step. Now it’s up to us to transform your dream into reality, understanding your needs and crafting them into a handmade bicycle.

We’ll discuss together so that we can really feel your love for a custom bike. You can contact us via phone or we can set up an appointment for a visit to our workshop in Cittadella.


Now that we understood your needs, we have to put on paper the details of your new GALETTI bike: we’ll start talking about your measurement (which will define the frame geometry), design, color scheme, components’ color and specs in case you want to purchase a complete bike.

If you plan to visit us in our workshop in Cittadella we can take your measurement for free, or, if you already have them, you can just mail them to us. After this step, we can start producing your bike. It’s very important to choose everything very carefully and without hurry, taking your time to avoid making a late change once production has started: at that point we wouldn’t unfortunately be able to make any modification.

To confirm your order, we will ask for a 30% deposit. Delivery times can go from 60 to 90 days.


We all know that this part is the hardest one you will have to face. As for everything which is beautiful, tailor made and looked into in every detail, it will take time.

We will do our best to make sure that this period goes by as fast as possible, sharing with you pictures of how we are crafting your bike, the welding process, chrome plating, painting and, finally, the assembly.


Your new GALETTI bike is now ready. You can either choose to pick it up directly at our workshop (where you’ll be welcomed with open arms and, why not, a cold one), or we can otherwise ship it directly to your home.


You can now hop over your Galetti and grab the handlebar with both hands.

Just ride, enjoy and feel the vibe of a custom-made bicycle, built according to your specifications and requests.

Keep in mind that you are riding on a true Italian bicycle, 100% made from Italian craftsmen of the Veneto region; feel free to send us pictures and feedback every now and then, we will really appreciate!!

Thank you.

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