TERRA GT: a gravel bike for all!

TERRA GT is the little sister of TERRA, A gravel bike with a standard geometry frame, single color paintwork, delivery time reduced to 60 days, and high quality at an affordable price. It is a comfortable bike, strong, and “race-ready” thanks to a unique assembly that includes Shimano GRX drivetrain, Fulcrum RR9 wheels, and Ritchey components. Terra GT is suitable for any terrain and for everyone from beginners to professionals.

Sometimes you need to slowdown!

Throughout 2020, many people have approached the world of cycling by changing their attitudes, including sports or in any case of everyday life. The increase in demand for bicycles has also involved us and our laboratories, causing difficulties that are also faced at this time.

We are tiny artisans and for us the uphill road is even harder. The production of one of our bicycles built to measure for the customer and totally unique cannot be compared to the production cycle of a standard good. The last two deliveries have suffered delays with respect to the set date and since lack of speech is not our characteristic we have come to the conclusion that all orders, both frame kit and complete bicycle, from today will have 90 days delivery time and no more 60. We are aware that 30 more days of waiting can be long, but our greatest wish is to be able to make you ride on a Galetti bicycle that you have chosen to build on you.

-Max Galetti-