Italian Craftsmanship

We think, engineer, build, paint, build and test every frame here in the Veneto region, heartland of the bicycle in Italy.

Every and each of our bicycles comes after a long and precise work, where every step is taken care of in deep detail so we can guarantee to our customers a unique and tailored product. Every single tube of the frame is custom made to the customer that will be riding it. All the steps, from the design until the finishing touch, are documented and shared with you during every phase of the process.

We work together with the best workshops, welders, chrome platers and high quality local painters, that let us create unique products that we personally assemble with care and passion following your needs.

We chose steel as the material of choice for building our frames, because we consider it “alive”, a material capable of absorbing the roughness of the road, enhancing riding comfort, and capable of maintaining its characteristics of resistance and compliancy over time. On the other side, we have to acknowledge that steel’s specific weight is not one of the lowest around. Fortunately enough, though, in the last 20 years technology has evolved so that tube walls can be made as thin as 0,4mm, maintaining the same level of performance. For our frames we choose tubing from Columbus, leader in the industry with hundred years of experience, and Paragon Machine Works, an American supplier of rear dropouts; thanks to this collaboration we can maintain our aim of making ultralight steel frames. Our lightest frame tips the scales at 1450g in size M, which is just few hundred grams more than a middle end carbon frame.

With our frames you can give free rein to your creativity, both functional and aesthetic. You can customize the painting by choosing and mixing the available graphic schemes and color palettes. For those who do not want to try their hand at graphic experiments, Massimo’s inspiration can always be trusted.

Our job is to make you experience cycling from a privileged position: pedaling with a bicycle designed, built and painted on your individual needs is pure pleasure. And if you have the chance to try this experience, rest assured that you will hardly return to a standard bicycle. Trust us!