The SAG Project

In 2013, the SAG = Solo Acciaio Galetti (Galetti Steel Only) project was born to complement the normal catalogue production.
SAG takes up four models from the 1960s (road, track, men’s and women’s bicycles), which are built 100% in Italy following the old construction methods and the careful choice of components, respecting the style and quality of the period. In 2015, other more modern frames with a racing character were added to the SAG project: Road, MTB and Gravel versions that you can still see today.

Why steel?

We have chosen steel as the material for the construction of our frames because we consider it to be a living material, a material capable of absorbing the roughness of the terrain, of making the ride comfort unique and capable of maintaining its characteristics of resistance and elasticity over time. Steel allows us to make a single frame to customer specifications every time, and the care and finish of the welding and painting details are standard for us.

We do not aim to have ultra-light frames as this material has a very high specific weight, even though in the last 20 years the companies that produce it have arrived at impressive processes capable of reaching thicknesses as low as 0.4 mm; unthinkable until recently. Our lightest frames however reach a weight of 1450g in size M.

We chose tubes supplied by Columbus for the construction of the frames, which has a hundred years of experience in drawing steel tubes. For the rear dropouts, we chose an American company, Paragon Machine Works, but we carefully lighten and customise them.