Logo and brand history of Cicli Galetti

A century-long history

Cicli Galetti was born in Milan in 1920.

The name Cicli Galetti was inspired by the heroic cyclist Carlo Galetti, winner of 3 consecutive Giri d’Italia (1910-1911-1912). The Cicli Galetti brand quickly became popular for its commuter bikes, some road bikes, and even some mopeds. The beginning of World War II stopped production and marked the end of the company.

Like Galetti, many other artisan activities of the time had to deal with the constraints dictated by the war. Still, the economic recovery that was taking place in the early 1950s brought the name Galetti back to life together with the Alessi family from Rossano Veneto (in the heart of the Italian bicycle district), which in 1952 took over the brand and restarted production which had stopped a decade earlier.

In the last decades, the Galetti brand has been owned by the Zen family, which has added a racing and refined touch to the brand’s DNA.

One hundred years of history are condensed into refined products of high craftsmanship, the iconic Italian craftsmanship appreciated even abroad.

The history of the Cicli Galetti brand, named after Carlo Galetti

The SAG [Solo Acciaio Galetti] project was born by the will of Massimo, a true lover of Italian craftsmanship and the eldest son of the Zen family. This project was born in 2013 to enhance the historicity of the brand through the noblest construction material: steel. Steel is a material that is “alive”, that must be understood and which is not easy to work. Massimo began designing, in a modern key, four of the models built in the 1960s. This particular fabrication, which is 100% handmade and Made in Italy, saw the birth of other products with a racing pedigree over the years.